Copying colors

Apart from copying colors from the CSS code of the elements when inspecting with CSS Pro, there are also 2 big features you can use to copy colors from websites:

Color eyedropper

Fell in love with a color you saw somewhere? Use Pro's color eyedropper - it works even if it's an image.

Point and click to get the color you're seeing.

You can easily open the Color Eyedropper by using the shortcut Option+Shift+E on Mac or Alt+Shift+E on Windows/Linux - even if CSS Pro is currently not opened on the tab.

Or you can also open it by clicking on "Color eyedropper" on the top bar.

It's simple: just hover your mouse over the color you want to copy, and click on it.

Color Palette

Analyze the entire palette of colors from a website in a second. Find the color you like, and just click on it to get its syntax.

Open it by clicking on "Color Palette" on the top bar.

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