On Safari

How to install CSS Pro on Safari:

To follow these steps, you need to have purchased a CSS Pro license key. If you don't have one yet, get one here.
Video tutorial
Step 1. Download the Safari extension from the link you were redirected to after buying it or your Gumroad receipt (in your email) or library. If you can't find it, please download the extension via the My License page.
Step 2. Open the .dmg file (named CSS Pro + version number).dmg
Step 3. Drag and drop the application to your Mac's Applications folder:
Move the CSS Pro app to your Mac's Applications folder
Step 4. Locate the application via Launchpad or in your Applications folder and click to open it:
Open the CSS Pro app
Step 5. Follow the application steps to install CSS Pro on your Safari:
🎉 Done! Your license is now activated, and you can use CSS Pro anywhere else.‌
The extension will not ask for your license again (unless deactivated or disabled).‌
To manage your license activations in the future, use the My License page.